Humble Earth Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on bringing peace, relaxation, and beauty to our customers, while helping our planet stay healthy.

We help the planet by donating a portion of each sale price towards environmental issues.

Check out our products and the environmental issues supported by each one.

We are Redesigning our Fireflies

At this time we are sold out of our past versions of fireflies. We are working hard to bring you version 4. We hope to have them ready before the end of 2015.

We have 4 firefly species to choose from:

  • 'P. pyralis' - our origional green firefly with our origional blink pattern;
  • 'P. pennsylvanica' - the same green as our origional firefly with its own, unique, blink pattern;
  • 'P. versicolor' - a yellow-gold color with its unique flash pattern; and
  • 'P. crescens' - a red-orange firefly again with its unique flash pattern.

All 4 species of Humble Earth's fireflies mimic actual species in both the correct spectrum of colors and flash patterns for each species.