Frequently asked questions about Humble Earth Fireflies™

Q: How do I set up my Humble Earth Fireflies™?

A: Remove your new Humble Earth Fireflies™ from their packaging.

  • Set your new Humble Earth Fireflies™ in a place where they will receive a full day of sunlight. Leave them there for 2 to 4 days to completely charge their batteries.
  • Hang your Humble Earth Fireflies™ from the branches of bushes or trees, your garden fence, or even your house eves.
  • Make sure the solar cells of your new Humble Earth Fireflies™ face toward the sun, and will receive at least 4 hours of direct sunlight every day.
  • It's as simple as that!

Q: I hung my new Humble Earth Fireflies™ up and they aren’t blinking. Are they broken?

A: Each Humble Earth Firefly™ is individually tested to ensure it works properly before it is shipped to you.

A: Be sure to follow the instructions for charging and setting up your Humble Earth Fireflies™. Although there is not a lot to do for installation, making certain your Humble Earth Fireflies™ receive at least 4 hours of direct sunlight for charging is essential.

A: Humble Earth Fireflies™ may take a few days to charge before their first use.

A: Humble Earth Fireflies™ only blink for the first 2 hours after dusk, since they are designed to mimic the species of firefly most populous on this planet, which flash for about two hours after dusk.

A: Humble Earth Fireflies™ require a minimum amount of light to charge. You may need to hang your Humble Earth Fireflies™ in a location with more light, or turn them so the solar cells face the sun for charging before they will start working again.

A: On days when the sky is cloudy the fireflies may not get enough light to charge. If this occurs then the fireflies will stop blinking until they have several days to charge again.

Q: Will Humble Earth Fireflies™ work inside my house?

A: Humble Earth Fireflies™ will work inside a house if they are hung in windows where they receive the required amount of direct sunlight. If the solar cells are not in the sun for at least 4 hours each day, they will not charge and will stop running.

Q: I live in an area where there is a lot of heavy fog, or where the trees are very dense and shady. Will Humble Earth Fireflies™ work at my house?

A: Regretfully, the current versions probably will not. Humble Earth Productions is looking into a model of electronic firefly that may work for you. Check back often to see our new models of fireflies.

Q: Can I leave my Humble Earth Fireflies™ outside all year?

A: Humble Earth Fireflies™ can withstand moderately cold weather through any warm weather you would be able to survive in. They are fine when left out in the rain, however the current versions cannot survive freezing weather, and will need to be brought inside over the winter if you live in an area where it snows, has heavy frosts, or freezes.

Q: How big are Humble Earth Fireflies™?

A: The current version of the Humble Earth Firefly™ ranges between 3" to 4" in diameter by about 2/3" thick.

Q: My children/pets are really interested in Humble Earth Fireflies™. Would Humble Earth Fireflies™ make a good gift for kids/pets?

A: No. While Humble Earth Fireflies™ make ideal gifts, they are not designed to be played with by children or pets and can pose a choking hazard.

Q: I would like to purchase a Humble Earth Firefly™ except I would like it to be/do...

A: We have many different models in the works, but it does take time to design and produce them. However, we may not have considered what you are specifically looking for, so please email us your suggestions. This is why we welcome and encourage our customers' feedback for future models of Humble Earth Fireflies™. Thank you, in advance, for your suggestions!

Q: The fireflies I grew up with flashed... (pinkish / reddish / orangish / yellowish / white). Can I purchase that flash color of firefly from Humble Earth Productions?

A: Humble Earth Productions will be producing fireflies in other natural colors in the future. Check back with us to see if your color is available later this year. If your color is not available, please email us with the color/species name of the fireflies where you grew up. Note that different species of fireflies have different blink patterns in addition to different colors.

Q: Do Humble Earth Fireflies™ fly?

A: No. Humble Earth Fireflies™ are made to stay in your yard, and will not fly away.

Q: How long will my Humble Earth Firefly™ last?

A: The rechargeable batteries used to make Humble Earth Fireflies™ each last for 1000 cycles. This means that each battery can be completely drained and will still recharge for 1000 times. When your firefly does not get enough light to charge, it will discharge over a couple of days. Once this happens your Humble Earth Fireflies™ will cease to twinkle each evening. This counts as one cycle.

Q: Are the rechargeable batteries Humble Earth Fireflies™ replaceable?

A: Regretfully, the waterproofing process makes it impossible to replace the batteries.

Q: Are Humble Earth Fireflies™ edible?

A: No. Although we have done our best to make Humble Earth Fireflies™ as nontoxic as possible by using lead free products and meeting the RoHS Compliant Standards, Humble Earth Fireflies™ are electronic products and are not meant to be eaten by human or animal.

Q: What do I do if my dog, cat, child, etc. swallowed a Humble Earth Firefly™?

A: Contact your doctor or vet immediately if your child or pet has eaten a Humble Earth Firefly™! Humble Earth Fireflies™ are not meant to be played with by children or animals and should be kept away from children and animals. They are small enough to be a choking hazard, so be aware.

Shipping, Pick Up, Delivery, & Retail Locations:

Q: Does Humble Earth ship internationally?

A: Humble Earth regrets that we are not yet set up to ship internationally. Please email us if you would like to be contacted when we are set up for international sales. Thank you for your patience.

Q: Are you available at the following stores? Why doesn't my favorite store carry Humble Earth Fireflies™?

A: Humble Earth Productions does not currently have any retail stores carrying Humble Earth Fireflies™. It is our intent to spread out and contact stores to make Humble Earth Fireflies™ more easily available for our customers. If you would like Humble Earth Fireflies™ to be carried in your favorite stores, let those stores know of your interest (as they only want to carry products their customers are interested in), and email us to let us know which stores you would like us to arrange to carry Humble Earth Fireflies™ for you.

Q: Do you have a store or retail location where I can go and purchase Humble Earth Fireflies™?

A: At the moment Humble Earth Fireflies™ are only available for purchase on our web site.

Q: Humble Earth Productions is not far away. Can I drop in and pick up some Humble Earth Fireflies™?

A: Regretfully Humble Earth Productions does not have a retail store at our place of manufacturing, nor does our insurance allow us to have customers on the premises.

Q: Can you meet me at the following location so I can purchase some Humble Earth Fireflies™?

A: Humble Earth Productions' employees have a very full schedule. Regretfully they do not have time to do personal deliveries. They are happy to be working with the Post Office, who specializes in personal deliveries, for our customers.


Q: How does the Subscription plan work?

A: When you order a subscription, the first delivery will arrive timed like a regular order. Subsequent deliveries will be shipped by the first of the month after your next payment. (Example: You order a subscription on the 8th of the January. Your first Humble Earth Fireflies™ arrive shortly. On the 8th of February your next payment happens. Soon after the 1st of March your next Humble Earth Fireflies™ arrive, as they will every month until you cancel your subscription.)

Q: I have filled my garden with all the fireflies it can hold. How do I cancel my subscription?

A: If you have a monthly subscription and you achieve the amount of fireflies you desire, just send us an email letting us know that you are ready to cancel your subscription. We will handle all the details for you.

Warranty information:

Q: Is there a warranty on my new Humble Earth Fireflies™?

A: We guarantee all Humble Earth Fireflies™ to be free of manufacture defects for the first 90 days after purchase. If you have a Humble Earth Firefly™ that fails during the first 90 days due to manufacturer defect we will repair or replace your Humble Earth Firefly™ for free. Just email us with your problem and have your Humble Earth Firefly™ and your receipt handy.

Q: The string on my Humble Earth Firefly™ looks fragile. Is it?

A: The string on the Humble Earth Firefly™ has some strength, but is not meant to be pulled on. Be careful with the string because it is not warrantied and if it breaks it will be difficult to hang your Humble Earth Firefly™.